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It was her interest in art as a platform that shaped her decision to star as Lisa in the controversial 2004 British film 9 Songs, directed by Michael Winterbottom She left the rural South as a teenager to model in Milan with Elite Model Management before moving to London at the age of 18.Stilley was raised in a strict Baptist household in America's Bible Belt but officially converted to Judaism in 2015 "because of its strong sense of family and of history, and its belief that humans were formed in the image of God and are inherently divine".In high school she volunteered at local nursing homes feeding and reading to the elderly.Currently, Stilley has strong ties to the Children's Charity Dramatic Need and in 2009 travelled on her own to Johannesburg and The Free state South Africa to teach Drama in some of the country's most challenged communities for 3 months.The story is framed in a personal review from Matt's perspective when he is working in Antarctica.

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Le titre du film se rapporte aux neuf chansons jouées par huit groupes de rock différents qui complètent l'histoire du film.

The film depicts the couple, or Matt alone, watching the nine songs at Brixton Academy and other concert venues.

It also shows their weekend getaway into the countryside, and their travels around London.

Stilley asked that director Michael Winterbottom refer to her simply by her character's name in interviews about the film at the beginning to protect the artistic integrity of the film.

Her second credit solidified her standing in Britain's indy film scene starring in the satirical comedy Nathan Barley directed by Chris Morris for British television.

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