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Rival kingship factions which split from the Luba Kingdom later moved among the Lunda people, marrying into its elite and laying the foundation of the Lunda Empire in the 16th century.

The ruling dynasty centralised authority among the Lunda under the Mwata Yamyo or Mwaant Yaav.

habilis probably did steal eggs from nests and may have been able to catch small game and weakened larger prey such as cubs and older animals. Roughly 1.8 million years ago, Homo ergaster first appeared in the fossil record in Africa.

From Homo ergaster, Homo erectus (upright man) evolved 1.5 million years ago. erectus eventually developed a more complex stone tool technology called the Acheulean. habilis descendant, was the first and most primitive hominid to ever live outside Africa, many scientists consider H.

By 10,000 BCE, Homo sapiens had spread to all corners of the world.

This dispersal of the human species is suggested by linguistic, cultural and genetic evidence.

It contrasts with North Africa, whose territories are part of the League of Arab states within the Arab world.

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Lighter green: However, Sudan is classified as North Africa by the United Nations Statistics Division.He claimed he was encouraged to commit the act by a witch doctor.National Prosecution Authority regional spokesman Luxolo Tyali said the body welcomes the sentence.the Saharan and Sub-Saharan regions of Africa have been separated by the extremely harsh climate of the sparsely populated Sahara, forming an effective barrier interrupted by only the Nile in Sudan, though the Nile was blocked by the river's cataracts.The Sahara pump theory explains how flora and fauna (including Homo sapiens) left Africa to penetrate the Middle East and beyond.

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