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If I had viewed it before family night, I would not of let my young children watch it.

They both expressed how much they truly love their children and what is going on in their lives. I was however very offended at the use of “penis” 3 times in the movie, right off in the beginning of the movie. I wish they would of rated the movie PG-13, so that I would of viewed it prior and not subjected my younger children to the content.

Underlying the dramatic action is the concept of family—the value of family and the unconditional love of parents for their children.

Everything that can go wrong goes wrong for this family of frenetically busy parents and their busy kids.

We only allow our older teens to watch PG-13 if we have seen it first and find it appropriate for viewing. —We were so disappointed in this movie—where to start—the multiple times male private parts are mentioned in the beginning of the movie, a scene where a mother accidentally opens the bathroom door when her teenage son is in there—but she looks “down” before closing the door.

We try very hard to raise our children in a good moral Christian home and anymore we feel we have to view most movies long before our children to see if it is appropriate.

Just because the world considers stuff like that okay doesn’t mean we should.

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