Aunties dating mysore

The bath oil can also be used as a perfume, and it smells a lot different (and better) than the spray. Add that the main note detected in the dry-down is incense, and naturally we have a divisive fragrance.Youth Dew is not for everyone, but I love this classic scent. For this lover of drugstore oldies, I think it's a cozy and elegant scent. Maybe a bit like Shocking, but with the sex removed. Made in- and for a different era when women didn't want to smell like cupcakes.I am blubbering now, but I knew if anyone could understand, the people here would. I bought this one online because it is not very common in stores and for my 'perfume education' I had to try such a classic.It is lady fragrance but I can wear it confidently.

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The scent is intimate and stays by your side all day long. And speaking of cats, one of mine will *not* leave me alone when I'm wearing YD. I thoroughly enjoyed the reviews, the loves and the HELL NO! This will certainly elicit a strong reaction in most people. The lady at the the counter at Nordstroms thought my reaction was hysterical! Not Nana’s with purple hair, I’m talking truly ancient like Queen Catharine of Aragon or Cleopatra.It smells warm, spicy, and very comforting (as long as you don't over do it). “Youth Dew” sounds like the last scrabbling grasps at coquettishness by a woman afraid to embrace her own maturity, because “mature” to her means “old”.I also smell a note in there that reminds me of Coca-Cola. I recommend trying the bath oil, if you don't like the spray. To many reviewers this seems to be the case, and “old” is decidedly “bad”.I started on New Year’s Day and will report back when it’s done.The name of this scent is misleading, because it has been described as "an old lady perfume" by lots of people.

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