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The writers failed over the years, to maintain the Quartermaine home, and refill it after the deaths of Edward, Lila and Alan.

Leslie Charleson, who plays Alan's widow Monica has been put o recurring status, and now seems disconnected from her family, and the show.

It's a nice gesture to honor his grandfather and namesake, Edward L Quartermaine.

Ned however is engaged to Olivia Falkenary, a spunky broad from Bensenhurst, in Brooklyn NY.

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Now it;s possible they may mold Kiki and Olivia into gracious ladies of the manor, but highly unlikely. Michael has done well, in taking over the reigns at ELQ the family business.

They could bring in a love interest worthy of Michael, whose father A. He also grew up with the dysfunction of Carly and Sonny, so he may have exactly what it takes to be a Quartermaine in grand style.

Jamaica Sandor Panton defies the corporate stereotypes.Tracy's first born, decided to stop going by Ned Ashton, and accept his birth name of Edward.He also legally changed his last name to Quartermaine.Neither of these women have the class of Lila, who was Edward's wife.They certainly do not have the same moxie as Tracy.

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