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Visitors to New York often feel frustrated or confused navigating the subway system.

Don’t feel bad – New Yorkers also get frustrated or confused especially when the train you are on suddenly is re-routed with no warning.

"They occur online as much as they occur offline — maybe even more online.

That's one thing that obviously Milgram never really talked about." Here's how it works.

Great feature Ideal for tourists because you don’t need to know the address for major attractions or destinations. Just start typing in E-M-P and the app uses auto-predict to provide you with a choice of possible destinations, with Empire State Building Great feature You can set to alert you when you are nearing your destination, which is perfect for those who are unfamiliar with the city or who are prone to falling asleep on subways after a long day of walking around the city.

When Stanley Milgram identified the "familiar strangers" that pervade city life in 1972, he defined them as people one sees often but never interacts with.

For this example, we have chosen Public Transportation/Subway icon.This post lists the best apps to navigate public transportation in New York City.Most are free and it’s quite amazing how good they are.Fellow commuters, for instance, or people who share a corner shop.This class of city dweller still exists — recent research suggests an entire community of close encounters out there.

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