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In the early 19th century the church was finally restored in Neo-Gothic style by Frigyes Schulek between 18.

Not only did he restore Matthias Church, but he also made it a beautiful gem on the Buda Castle hill, surrounded by the Fisherman’s Bastion viewing towers, the historical Holy Trinity Square, and the five star luxury Hilton Hotel.

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Matthias Church is one of the finest churches in Budapest, and the most unique churches in Europe. Full of surprises, mysteries and treasures, the church has a breathtaking interior with colours inspired by orientalism and romantic historicism.

Once a year, on Good Saturday (the Saturday before Easter), the church can only be visited by worshippers.

Matthias Church is not only one of the top attractions and one of the most romantic places to see in Budapest but a perfect venue for classical concerts as well.

after the Mongol invaders left Hungary in 1242 in complete ruins, and King Bela IV decided to move the royal residence from Esztergom in the Danube Bend, to the Buda Hills.

Instead of St Matthias, the name of the church refers to King Matthias Corvinus the Fair, who remodelled and expanded the building in Gothic style in the 15th century, adding the southern high tower, called Matthias bell tower.

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King Matthias’ father can also be credited for ringing the church bells all over Europe at midday every day.According to historians a church called Church of Mary stood on the site of the current building founded by Saint Stephen, the first king of Hungary in 1015.The current Roman Catholic church was founded by King Bela IV.Artefacts were taken away, ornate furnishings were destroyed, altars and paintings were covered with whitewashed brick walls.When the Christian mercenary troops led by Charles V, Karl V.

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