Cant acces usb disk after updating windows

Double Click on Volume Control Icon in your system tray, it will open up the volume control window.

Click on Options Now you can see the Microphone Volume Control, here you can increase or decrease microphone volume as per your need. However I am also unable to acces “advanced controls” so cannot enable mic boost… I did all the instructions from your side and I even re-install the driver installed in my laptop but it seems that it is not working at all.

Uhh hi i have a HP computer and my microphone wasnt working so i went into sound and disabled internal, and external mic options and i was going to reenable them but they disapeared and i cant find them at all anyway i checked my device manager, computer, program files, and program files (x86) PLEASE HELP! The problem is everything works once and next moment it is not working. I noticed that double clicking on speaker icons and clicking on options and further trying to go into properties and advanced controls the advanced control area is shaded and does not let me chane the advaced properties.

I did all the things up there : S But ihave noticed that that the mic records The songs i’m hearing !! Do u have any ideas plz help 🙁 hi team, I am using windows xp in my laptap i am here voice from my friends my voice not able to here by them i hvae done same things what ever you have shoen but playback microphone checkbox is not avalable , only recording microphone checkbox is avalable please let me know what steps i need to take care regards prasademmala I have creative speaker 2.1,which i connect on rear side of cpu and i have headphone with earpiece and microphone,which i connect on front side panel in my cpu. I have referred one of the solution on and from that i found few below things which are not shown in my desktop which are: 1- on double clicking window volume bar, in option,i found ‘Advance controls’ disabled 2-and in window volume bar,when i go to options- hi i tried all of the steps above and it didnt work my mic used to work perfectly until i changed my Wi Fi connection to a LAN which i dont understand how it can affect the Mic but anyway thats when the problem started i changed back to wifi and now it dosent work at all , i even restored the system to a previous poitn and stil nothing DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT TO DO PLZPLZPZLZPLZ HELP Hi . help me 🙁 Hey there, I have an ’emachines’ laptop with Windows 7 OS.All of them have a pink colored port for microphones which is a convention.Make sure you plug in the microphone in this pink port only.One of our readers submitted a problem: Fix: First of all, it is very important to connect microphone to the correct port on the computer.Some Computers have front and back panels to connect microphones, some have only back panels.

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