Dating a girl who cuts herself

Most boys who cut themselves are depressed, but many girls are not.

The attending psychiatrist put her in the locked ward, on full suicide precautions. Most of these girls and young women are not suicidal, and they don't want anybody to find out. That's why they wear long sleeves, so nobody will see their wrists; or, more often nowadays, they cut themselves on the upper inner thigh, where nobody will look.But a "loser" boy who publicly slams his fist into a wall is experiencing an inner turmoil very different from the golden girl who secretly cuts herself with a razor blade.Lumping these two teenagers together, and pretending that they have the same problem, is not likely to be productive either clinically or nosologically.Imagine a teenage boy who's not doing well in life: he doesn't have any friends, he's not doing well in school, he spends most of his time playing first-person-shooter video games.Let's suppose this teenage boy repeatedly hits the wall with his fist during arguments with his parents.

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