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We relied entirely on his segment on Good Morning America.

Not shockingly, Ramsay's beef preference is a little fancier. Seasoning each and every component made a huge difference overall.

In comparison, Ramsay's burger seems boring at first.

His "perfect" burger is grilled with cheddar, a toasted bun, some mayo, lettuce, tomato, and grilled onion. The chorizo filling sounds amazing, but the flavor was overpowered by all the ground beef.

Helen Ubiñas is an award-winning columnist at the Daily News.

She is a champion of the little guy (or gal), especially those Philly residents who go unseen and unheard, and a not-so-easily-plucked thorn in the side of city politicians and organizations who forget they serve the public. Apparently, a manager at the Philly BK saw that New York City offered the service, so she wanted to try it here. The food is the same, and I was more than a little disappointed that my fries weren’t hot, but it’s kinda fun, in a little-kid-playing-dress-up kind of way.

Tom, Lynne and Hugh Dobson own Whataburger and make up one of the richest families in Texas.

My biggest problem with Fieri's recipe is that he doesn't season the actual burger.(Later, I found out that BK actually tried it out years ago and it didn’t go well, but let’s not let that failure affect our can-do attitude.) The location, conveniently located a stone’s throw away from hungry and broke journalists, is the only one in Philly with the service, I was told. There are definitely some simple ways they could fancy it up even more — put the condiments in little serving bowls, the burger and fries on plates. And if I’m gonna dream big, I’d say a simple wine and beer list would complement the classics.There are tablecloths and laminated menus and table numbers and actual salt and pepper shakers. C’mon, you know you could get behind a bacon & cheese Whopper and a cold Yuengling.Or some Chicken Fries and I don’t know, an approachable Chardonnay or something.I’m just spitballin’ now, but you’re ready to have it your way, aren’t you?

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