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When the Queen leaves, the Royal Standard is taken down and the Union Flag hoisted.In the afternoon, Parliament goes back to work, with each house meeting separately to begin debating the content of the speech.But sources within the Northern Irish party warned a deal was ‘certainly not imminent’.

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The Prime Minister, the leader of the opposition and MPs follow them, and when they reach the Lords chamber, they stand at the opposite end to the throne, known as the Bar.

The Queen's Speech is delivered to the throne by the Lord Chancellor in a special silk bag.

The final words, 'other measures will be laid before you', give the Government flexibility to introduce other legislation as necessary.

A series of manifesto pledges blamed for costing the Tories a majority will be dumped, including plans to scrap the winter fuel allowance and the pension triple lock, a vote to repeal the foxhunting ban and the scrapping of free school dinners for infants.

In a symbol of the extent to which the plans are being rewritten, the party even briefly deleted the manifesto from its website this morning - although it was reinstated after the absence was noticed.

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