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ALPHA FLIGHT started flying in 1987 and is one of the 1st oldschool-groups with high quality products on C64 as combined cracking and demogroup, where it is still active on C64 with great success, especially in the illegal part of the C64 scene.

When the Amiga became popular ALPHA FLIGHT expanded their activities there with great success as well once again active in both parts of the scene!

URL: SECTOR was founded in the year 1985 from a few American/Canadian computer fans.

In the summer of 1986, RSI (RED SECTOR INCORPERATED) decided to quit the C64-scene and create the Amiga division of RED SECTOR. Later in the year of 1987, RSI´s known Sceners were SLL, PBA, Bit Arts, Flash, DAG, Romeo Knight and Onyx.

Most parts of the information have been translated from the book Hackerland. You won´t see this process because the intros are pure assembly code and also many coders use their own programmed compressing algorithms.

Within this cooperation they brought lots of cracks. Zeropage and Irata, the heads of RSI were busted by the police for some heavy cracking and distribution activities. Many of the most talented crackers, suppliers and heads of many major groups were brought in by the police.The aim is to keep this site alive by adding more and more cracktunes from Sceners supporting the site.A file-description to every cracktro with its cracktunes, logos, information, and history should be done later.After some glorious times and due some personal problems in the scene Lightforce was officially dead around 1989.In the year of the lord 1995/1996 Icarus^HF reopened Lightforce once again!

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