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Breed Misidentification Wars In 2017, there were two breed misidentification wars; both involved confusion.

After three dogs killed a 6-year old boy and seriously injured a 5-year old girl while walking to a school bus stop in Atlanta, initial reports identified two of the dogs as a pit bull and pit bull-mix.

Pit bulls and their mixes perpetrated 75% (12) of these family member and household deaths, including killing three primary caretakers.

No other dog breed with an identification image inflicted an owner death in 2017.

Combined, pit bulls and rottweilers contributed to 76% of the total recorded deaths. dog bite-related fatalities recorded in 2017, 56% (22) had identification photographs, down from the high of 72% last year.

Of all 39 recorded dog bite fatalities in 2017, 15% (6) involved rescued or rehomed dogs.

Departments in California, Ohio, Georgia, Texas and Florida allowed news media to photograph the dogs while quarantined in 6 cases, raising that number from 18% to 45%.

In 2017, 73% (16) of all collected identification photographs were family dogs.

This is the part of the conference that you should always remember: Goochland County Sheriff James Agnew is exactly correct.

Nothing will nullify pit bull zealots who willfully ignore the truth.

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