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The tranquil Meiji Shrine attracts roughly 30 million annually, as does the Sensoji Temple, making them the world’s most-visited sacred sites.

These Japanese sites no doubt benefit from their location in Tokyo, a major metropolitan area and significant tourist destination.

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We couldn't get a reliable confirmation for India’s Sikh Golden Temple of Amritsar, suggested to receive 10,000 visitors daily, or for Temple Square in Salt Lake City, though, tellingly, the Mormon site purports to be the No. But we kept digging to determine as best as possible the most travel-inspiring sacred sites—read on for the top results.It is, in fact, designed to hold 50,000 people, who come for mass—celebrated several times daily—and to see an image of the Virgin Mary that is said to have appeared on an apron in 1531.Annual Visitors: 18.25 million A Hindu sect called Vaishnavism that emphasized equality and love began this imposing temple perhaps 1,200 years ago.Its five-storied pagoda is dramatically lit at night.Continuing centuries-long tradition, stalls along the temple’s Nakamise Street sell food and goods to visitors—whose numbers swell around New Year’s.

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