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Aubrey is past her due date, so her doctor decides to induce her. Although the family is excited to see the newborn, Grandma still wants them find their own place soon.

After a couple months of Brandon working and Aubrey staying home to take care of Austin, Grandma again tells them they need to find their own place.

Brandon finally gets a job as a mall security guard and the couple is very excited.

However, this leaves Aubrey home alone a lot more and she feels like she's missing out with her friends all at school.

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They feel their relationship has gotten stronger since they've been forced to work through some issues.

Growing up with divorced parents, Aubrey lived mostly with her mom, Shelley, who moved them around a lot.

Aubrey found it hard to keep up with school, so she dropped out.

Crew members talk about what goes into filming the series, take a look behind-the-scenes on set, and share bloopers.

Seventeen year old Aubrey is from Prescott Valley, Arizona.

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