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Felicity Smoak and Lyla Michaels are both lost in their jobs and their places in life.Both are in desperate need of a holiday, and what better time to escape than Christmas-time?How little did she know Oliver Queen, her teacher, was far more than he let on. ” weekly thread I used to post every week under the AV Club’s “Weekend Box Office” newswire (as an alternative to AV Club’s own “Tell Us About Your Pop Culture Weekend” discussion that posted Saturday night and tended to get buried in comments before those of us who actually sleep at night get around to it), I’m going to start doing these weekly discussions here at The Avocado. TELL US ABOUT YOUR NEW YEAR’S WEEKEND (or just your regular weekend if you don’t celebrate it)!

He suddenly becomes very protective of the girl next door.Michael and Packie back Niko up when Gerald Mc Reary doesn't want Niko to take part in the Bank Heist.Soon after the former mission, Michael took part in a bank robbery at the Bank of Liberty in Chinatown, Algonquin, along with Packie, Derrick and Niko; but one of the hostages named Eugene Reaper, shot and killed him with a concealed gun, much to the distress of Packie who, along with Derrick, avenged Michael's death by immediately killing Reaper.Michael accompanied Mc Reary, Gordon, and Niko Bellic to the Ancelotti waste management plant on Colony Island, shooting their way in and successfully stealing the Ancelottis' payment.Keane and Sargent provided covering fire as Mc Reary and Bellic made their escape. At first Michael, like Gordon, is unsure of Niko; But after helping them steal the Ancelotti's money, he soon takes a liking to Niko.

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