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Additional parameters are described in the Qt documentation. accessor) methods are very simple - they just return the value of internal private variables. First, we handle the alignment property which specifies how the LED should fit into the space allocated to it by whatever layout within which the LED widget is contained (lines 149 to 168).

Lines 24 to 45 define the property reader and writer methods: 24 double diameter() const; 25 void set Diameter(double diameter); 26 27 QColor color() const; 28 void set Color(const QColor& color); 29 30 Qt:: Alignment alignment() const; 31 void set Alignment(Qt:: Alignment alignment); 32 33 bool state() const; 34 35 bool is Flashing() const; 36 37 int flash Rate() const; 38 39 public slots: 40 void set State(bool state); 41 void toggle State(); 42 void set Flashing(bool flashing); 43 void set Flash Rate(int rate); 44 void start Flashing(); 45 void stop Flashing(); This is where all the painting happens whenever the widget is shown (either initially or because an overlying window has moved away) or updated (for instance, by one of the property setters). On line 170, we define a which produces the "reflective" look of the LED widget. The pen is set to the color property's value, we turn anti-aliasing on (to avoid "jaggies"), set the brush to the radial gradient, and draw an ellipse, which is the actual LED.

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To set the physical position of a widget in a window, you use the widget's Needless to say, that could get cumbersome in a serious application.Lines 13 to 18 specify six properties of the LED widget.Q_PROPERTY is a C macro that evaluates to nothing in the C code that is output by the C pre-processor.It is designed to be a realistic representation of the real thing: The diameter of the LED is measured in millimeters (like real LEDs) and can be any color you want ( real LEDs).The on/off state can be changed programmatically and it can be set to flash at a specified rate in milliseconds.

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