Quotes about your best friend dating your ex boyfriend

We should do everything what we can do for our healthy friendship.

When there is no one to help us then a true friend stand for us.

He/she will surely think about us that how great or how good we are.

And they proud of themselves to have a friend like us. Friend is the only one who can be true to you and can do everything for you.

Yes indeed, I'd been bitten yet again by my emotional vampire best friend who, frankly, was sucking the life blood from me. But here's the thing: just as one issue was solved, another issue always popped up. He used her for sex, dumped her, got bored and then called her again. I told my best friend that I couldn't go to the movies because I'd promised to see my boyfriend, and she recoiled. This vampire only wanted my friendship because we were in the same single boat.

We all have bad days when work gets us down, or we have a fight with our boyfriend, or we didn't get the promotion we'd hoped for. Slowly but surely, her phone calls came less, and soon enough, she finally vanished all together. Or she starts a job hunt but gives up when she doesn't get an interview for the first application. They give up at the first hurdle to prove their 'see, I told you I couldn't do it' theory.

Would not if be wonderful if you starts your day with a sweet good morning quote from your one of the best friend when you are cuddled up with bed yet? Today's forecast for all those who are reading this message..today will be awesome for you.

It will certainly be wonderful and will fill your heart my joy and happiness when you will see her/him message. i'm not sure that you will have an awesome day but i can guarantee that you will in a company of loving friends like me.

If you spot more than three of these signs, run for the hills. If you feel guilty, remind yourself that vampires always need new blood...

she'll be on to the next victim before you know it!

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