Redundancy check while updating

No, in most cases it was the VMware admins fault for not communicating and properly calculating the requirements before he/she asked for IP addresses or storage LUNs. These questions are not for practicing to take a VCP test.They are designed to gauge the level of experience someone who is applying for your VMware admin or engineer job has before you give them the keys to start managing your company’s jewels.Regardless of the protocol (i SCSI, NFS, FC), it requires a certain skill set which only comes with time and experience.Every new ESXi hosts which are added to v Sphere requires someone to know how to balance the workloads across various storage tiers: local disk, SATA, SAS and SSD (depending on the needs of the environments and applications). NIC teams are normally put in active/standby mode to allow fail-over in the event of a hardware failure.

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For more information about setting up v Sphere and ESXi, I’ve put together a list of the best VMware books that cover v Sphere, Horizon, v Center, VCP Exams and more.Note: ESXi uses a Kickstart installer similar to Linux.Answer: Keyboard Layout, VLAN ID, IP Address, Subnet Mask, Gateway, Pri DNS, Sec DNS, Host Name, Installation Location, Root Password.These problems may be as small as frustrated admins who can’t access and support virtual servers from a central management console.Or as large as a full-blown outage and corruption of the v Center database.

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