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Crassus sends Tiberius ahead with instructions to observe the rebel-held city of Sinuessa and wait.

The ruthless Caesar won't stand for being the "boy's deputy" and beheads the "cowardly" gate keeper who escaped and reports Spartacus took the city easily.

In Sinuessa, Sibyl makes her move upon Gannicus, who returns the favor.

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It has been nearly one year since the slave rebellion started (which is known as the Third Servile War).

Spartacus's victory by killing Furius and Cossinius unwittingly plays into Crassus's hand, as he now formally "inherits" sole command of the Roman Army.

Spartacus and his followers plan to take control of the walled, coastal city of Sinuessa, with a little help from a runaway local slave named Diotimos who inspires Spartacus's war council to choose a plan on how to take the city.

Meanwhile in Rome, Marcus Crassus completes preparing his legionary army just as Tiberius hopes his help will be rewarded with second rank, but fears being side-tracked in favor of the seasoned young Caius Julius Caesar.

Caesar needs a rich, ambitious ally to pay his debts and finance his political campaign, but loses points with Crassus by cockily playing with his slave-lover, Kore, who unlike Crassus's wife, is invited to join the army's train.

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