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We wonder what would happen if we played that alongside Mike Huckabee’s Christmas ad. )• Blair wanted to have tea at the Carlyle with daddy. ” That is the kind of message that an asshole teenage boy would send. Plus 1.• When Chuck photo-texts Blair a pic of him and Nate on the beach, Nate is shirtless and Chuck is wearing a hat, polo shirt, and sweater. Are adults really just as awkward as regular people? Plus 1, because we think we’re so clever.• “We’ve been friends for a long time,” Romaaaahhn tells Eleanor. Dan and Serena are both so surprised that they end up having sex! Plus 5.• On Christmas morning, Eleanor didn’t want to kiss her one-night stand good-bye. Minus 4, because we become incensed when someone we know writes a “Talk of the Town.”• Okay, so let’s get into this Victoria’s Secret business.In real life, later texts would contain “tuna fish” comments. Rufus calls Lily while she’s at the Waldorf party, and she confronts him: “If there’s something you want to say, you should go ahead and say it.” “Is there something you want me to say? We swear to God, Brody and LC had this exact conversation on . “Since before Marc Jacobs went into rehab.” Hahahaha. Adults are too classy to pretend they still like you in the morning. Now, we don’t really have a huge problem with product placement: We want to continue watching TV shows sans commercials and whenever we feel like it, and we know that the networks still have to make money.Minus 1.• Blair’s dad tells her that in France, they have “a cat named Cat, like in your favorite movie.” Enough with the .Minus 1.• What the hell are Blair and Serena wearing on Christmas? No, no, no, not even rich people like prostitution on a high holy day.Minus 6 Then, like two days after she seals the deal with them, she throws a VS-themed Christmas party. Everyone knows it takes at least a month before those pink hookers start showing up at your home.Minus 2.• On the flip side, we’re frankly kind of amazed that they couldn’t get a product-placement deal for the watch Serena gave Dan.Supposedly, Blair’s mom was designing a line of “retro lingerie” for them, and she was passing out Victoria’s Secret gift bags and all “I am meeting with the CEO of anything as down-market as Victoria’s Secret, Eleanor wouldn’t be caught dead designing a line for them.

It was also, like much of this week’s Victoria’s Secret–sponsored episode, just a bit unrealistic. What a cappella girls (okay, and let’s be honest, boys) haven’t made that move? In this episode, Jenny learns that while you may be able to drag your mom back to your Brooklyn apartment from Hudson, you cannot stop her from having dirty-sex fantasies about a guy named Alex or being too unlikable to remain on the show.Eric helps cut out snowflakes for Serena, and Jenny helped Dan steal the Christmas tree and then carry it to the Palace.In real life, younger siblings are mostly just for undermining and overachieving, not moral support. Not even any weird slapping fights or farting on anybody’s face? And don’t Eric and Jenny have friends or lives of their own?Our Word of the Year choice serves as a symbol of each year’s most meaningful events and lookup trends.It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the language and ideas that represented each year.

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