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She recurred on the show for 4 seasons and there was no explanation given to where she went, hell her name was never even MENTIONED on the show again.Did she move to LA to "make it big" or die in some tragic accident, she just dissappeared.Nancy Mc Keon, as Jo, was sort of flat and predictable, but Lisa Whelchel always gave Blair a quirky, interesting spin on what could have been a stereotypical rich girl. I actually prefer the 2 Edna's Edible seasons more than the Eastland years, the writing was much better as was the acting and the show REALLY started to have an '80's feel.

Obviously a turkey baster baby to be raised in an accepting matriarchal non-judgmental lesbian environment. The lez dyke was Pam Segal related to MWC Katey Segal and the Double Trouble Twins, Beth and Jean Segal and her father was Steven Segal and her grandfather was George Segal When "Square Pegs" premiered, the writers and producers took a lot of price that they weren't FOL, a fellow Embassy production.And then he finds out she is going to be partners with a white boy in a dance contest.Then the black ghetto kid is all like "He only wants to be your partner so he can win."And she says, "Well he'd be pretty stupid if he wanted to dance with me cause he thought I'd lose."Then the black kid calls her all sorts of name and she forms a black girl's club but all the sistas at Eastland are like Condie Rice, you know oreo cookies. I've seen documentaries on the show where Charlotte and Mindy mention Lear as being the man in charge.They make a pretense of leaving to visit family around the holidays but always gravitate back to each other due to "missed flights" or "bad weather." Tootie and Natalie are inseparable, and the steamy Lo/Blair sexual tension is well already well documented.Cloris Leachman shows up with her feminine son, who is clearly the product of artificial insemination, to show the other women how to be same sex parents.

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