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So great were the Roman losses that the emperor in his annual report to the Senate left out the customary: "I and my army are well." Published a sermon "On the Passion" in which he blamed the Jews for the persecution and death of Jesus and absolved Pontius Pilate and the Romans from any guilt.Although there was much evidence to the contrary his stand served to rid the Romans of any responsibility or shame and thus encourage them to convert.Numbered as one of the emperors friendly to the Jews.

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He professed that the Jews bear the responsibility for the death of Jesus, since they "insulted, shamed and murdered him on the cross." This he believed was part of by a conspiracy by the Jews and Herod , who in turn was guided in his actions by "Satan himself".In Alexandria, the great synagogue and library were destroyed as well.As a result, Jews were forbidden to live in Cyprus.Simon bar Kochba (bar Kosiba) the leader of the revolt was killed.An estimated half a million Jews perished in this revolt which left over 985 villages and 50 fortresses in ruins.

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