Speed dating jokes

Lenton and University of Essex economist Marco Francesconi analyzed more than 3,700 dating decisions across 84 speed-dating events.

The authors found that when the available prospects varied more in attributes such as age, height, occupation and educational background, people made fewer dating proposals.

Some were being very serious about the whole thing. Anyway, enough about tattoos of Mr Men characters (well, what else did you think I was talking about? It’ll be interesting to compare it with a speed dating event for a 26-39 age group (which I hope to attend in a couple of weeks time).

Definite traits of a Monica there (albeit a bit older).

We had a mammoth 7 minutes to talk to each lady, with 10 ladies in total.

I suspect they will be less fun, more serious and won’t be arriving by way of their free bus passes… Hey, come to think of it, what have you got in yours?

After 72 per cent of the country said they thought Christmas cracker jokes were outdated a group of comedians came up some alternative gags.

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