Updating gears of war 2

The title is already massive and it may surpass 100 GB when the Xbox One X patch drops.

Be sure to get those external hard drives ready because this will probably be the norm going forward.

Now I hadn't played Gears for a while, since maybe the 3rd or 4th patch when the All Fronts package came out, but it seems as if nothing has changed at all, despite this new (final? Now the game just devolves into blind-firing shotties while rolling in a circle that much quicker. It picks the worst person to be host and the lackluster connection causes the game to lag, except for him, which leads to him dominating while I helplessly watch as my shotgun pellets seem to do nothing, all while he rolls in and gibs me in one shot.

This is incredibly frustrating and the user experience suffers as a result, unless you're host of course.

While I will completely acknowledge up front that I'm not even a good Gears player, I believe that with a k/d of 1.21 that makes me a strictly average/decent player. But I tried to play after 6 months off a few weeks ago and was dying a lot.

The problem with Gears 2 is that they took away the player created lobbies and put in a half-assed Halo 3 matchmaking system.There's obviously Halloween at the end of the month and Gears of War's anniversary in November.Both of these events will feature new characters and other items.Fuel Depot and and Lift Apex are the new maps joining the game.Fuel Depot's large size provides a lot of opportunities to flank and catch opponents out in the open.

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