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This card is a black & white or color laminated plain paper in those days. It contains the face photo, date of birth, and address of the card holder.nowadays , it is being issued in color laminated card. It also contains the serial number, a hologram sticker and stamped signature of the issuing authority.You are invited to give your suggestions in this regard through E-mail at the following address: contact[at]For inclusion of your name in the Electoral Rolls, fill the following forms: Note : You cannot have names at two places (Assembly Constituency or in the State) so please get your name deleted before adding it at a new address. Subsequently, changes will be made in existing Identity Card by pasting new address on the back side of the card. I would like to have a new I Card with correct particulars. How can I get a new I Card at the present place of address and what will I do with the old I Card? Please get your name deleted from the previous address, which will facilitate your registration in Delhi. You can submit the proof of Date of Birth from the authorized agency (Passport, Matric certificate, Date of Birth certificate etc.) Q.8.For any Election related enquiry, please call Helpline. 011-23918888 FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Q.1 I have shifted my residence recently. After that please get enrolled by filling up form-6 and depositing the same aong with the proof of deletion in the office of SDM/FSO. When I fill up Form 4, should I attach proof of my residence with Form 4? It is not necessary but if you attach a proof of residence, this will help early verification of the particulars given by you. When I fill up Form 4, should I attach proof of my residence with Form 4? The special compaign are run for preparation of I card from time to time.You can check your name in the draft roll, which will be published and available at the office of the ERO concerned to confirm that your name exists in the roll. This would be possible only when you tell your complete address at the reception/enquiry. Q.11 Please give me details of my Polling Station and Assembly Constituency.

Hence the new card is issued and old card becomes invalid.

Rationalisation/ change in existing Polling Stations: The process of rationalisation and changing of existing Polling Stations will start after the publication of the Roll. What are the other documents, which I can show as proof of my residence? Ration Card is not necessary, however you can show any other proof of residence like Passport, Bank Pass Book, Driving license etc. Q.6 I have shifted my residence recently to Delhi from another State where I was registered as a voter.

For this purpose consultation will be held with the representatives of the Political Parties before any changes are made. First of all please ensure that you have enrolled your self in the Electoral Roll of the concerned AC, where you are now residing procedure is given as in ans no.1. You can get your I Card rectified by depositing it in the Office of the ERO concerned or at Photography center when the work of preparation of Photo ID card begins. I have an I Card issued from the previous place of residence.

One has to apply on prescribed Form-6 of Election Commission attached with proof of ID, Indian nationality, age and residence.

Applicants have to submit paper Form-6 to their municipal corporation / cantonment board of the area.

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