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There will be public hearings and other opportunities for public comment on the permanent rule.

Please note that importing seeds into Wisconsin to begin the hemp program may require permission from the U. Drug Enforcement Agency, which could affect the time when production can begin.

SIDEWALK SNOW REMOVAL – The Village Code requires the owner, occupant, or person in charge of every building, structure, or unoccupied lot in the Village to clean the snow and ice from the entire width of the sidewalk in front of the building within 24 hours after the cessation of a snowfall.

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The law allows only industrial hemp of the species , with THC concentration of 0.3 percent or lower.

SNOW REMOVAL - No person shall clear their property of accumulated snow, ice, or other debris onto any village street or other village property.

Snow shall not be piled at or near intersections so as to obstruct the view of pedestrians or operators of motor vehicles.

If not paid within 30 days, the cost of the removal shall be added to the tax roll as a special tax or recovered in an action against the owner or occupant.

MAILBOXES – Please note that clearing snow from around mailboxes is the responsibility of the homeowner.

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